We are at the early stages here, but by sharing progress it will help you understand the stages of a roll-out and how you can make it happen in your parish.  We are currently seeking expressions of interest for taking the service, volunteers and those who would be willing to invest. Essentially this is the first stage of the project and our connection to B4RN is likely to be via Burston so is dependent on that project rolling out too.

We delivered a letter from the Parish Chairman to each household during July and visited many homes and businesses during July.

The first stage is to find parish champions to lead the project and gain expressions of interest in taking the service.  About 50% of houses / businesses need to be interested for the project to get seriously under way. At this stage there is no commitment.  This is where The Heywood project is now. As we find additional businesses the interest figure fluctuates around the target figure.  Follow this link to register your interest. 

At  the same time we seek investors to share the cost of funding the project.  B4RN investments can be very attractive financially but should be thought firstly and foremost as the way to a great broadband service for the locality.  We also seek volunteers to do the majority of the installation work.  This is why the service can be delivered so cheaply.  We now need to gather investment to show that we are seriously committed to the project.  To invest you can either contact Charles or David whose details are on the leaflet (or email via the Heywood address below) or fill in the forms on B4RN’s web site directly

Once over 50% of households have expressed interest in the service and some initial investment is in the technical gurus at B4RN can design and cost delivery of the service to every house in the parish – even though not everyone will take the service its a community project so unlike commercial offerings will be available to all. We all get the full service regardless of time of day or distance away.

We need the permission of landowners to dig across their land to make the project work.  Their involvement is crucial and very much appreciated

Once the costings are completed the fundraising begins in earnest and once the funds are in the materials will be delivered and work can begin.    After the volunteer work is complete fibres are connected to houses and businesses and the service can go live.

You can email the team at .img(at).img(dot).img(dot).img

Heywood needs a few more expressions of interest, investment and volunteers to progress to the next stage.