Burston and Shimpling

Update on the B4RN Community Broadband project

for Burston and Shimpling.

As a telecomms company B4RN are still legally allowed to carry on working putting in the infrastructure as long as the strict 2m social distancing rules are kept.

So 2 volunteers, related, and a driver have installed about 1km of ducting in 6 fields either side of the railway up to the playing fields in Burston. This is great news that the Burston and Shimpling project has finally started after delays due to the terrible weather and issues concerning crossing the rail line, and now Covid-19!

We will have to see how much more infrastructure we can install using very few people. The more complicated parts of the build which take more people working together will have to wait until the restrictions are relaxed but at least we have started.

Therefore if you haven’t already signed up to the Government gigabit voucher scheme please do so which provides money for these valuable projects. The B4RN broadband provides 1 gigabit directly to your home so it doesn’t matter how many people are using devices at the same time it will still be super fast. Many of you will probably have experienced slower than normal speeds and drop outs, this is expected with the current system in the village.
To sign up, which costs nothing, go to http://b4rn.org.uk and click on the GET B4RN link and follow the prompts.

Please support your volunteers who are working hard to supply the community with a fantastic system.

If you have any questions, or want to sign up for training, please contact your Burston & Shimpling co-ordinator, Jane Fishwick, at: –