Funding via the Government voucher scheme

The Department for Culture Media and Sport is running a scheme to help fund the delivery of Gigabit internet to businesses and households around them.  Details of the scheme can be found here

The scheme offers £2500 (from January) towards a business connection and £500 towards up to ten residential connections per business as part of the same project.

Businesses will get free connection and £300 towards the connection through their property to the router

Residential customers will still have to pay a £150 connection fee but also get £150 towards the final leg of their connection after the grant has been paid to B4RN.

B4RN is currently registering group projects to help roll out their service in a number of areas.  The scheme for Scole (Routes 2, 3 & 4) has now been approved and covers the area West of the A140 including Diss Business Centre , Frenze, Scole Common and South of the A1066 as well as Thelveton and Upper Street as well as Flowerdew Meadow and parts of Ransome Avenue.

The Tivetshall scheme has also been approved.

Applications have also been made for Wortham and Burgate & Burston and Shimpling and Gissing. Each of these should cover the whole parish.  Updates will follow as they become available.

It is now possible to request service and register for a voucher via the B4RN web site.

Please note some community funding is still necessary and community volunteers are essential to make the service available. A £1500 investment gives a free connection.