Delivering the service is only possible if we do it.  B4RN provide the infrastructure and technical expertise but most of the work is done by the community.

B4RN explain how it has worked in other areas here.

We will add local examples as our area builds the service out  from Scole.

There is also a volunteer site sharing how to build a B4RN network – and it includes the how not to elements.  Its a very valuable source of information. 

We are seeking volunteers in any parish, but at present are looking for support to roll out the network in Scole, Burston and Heywood.

We also need parish champions in new areas and route champions for all areas we are building in now or soon.  These are people with he time to co-ordinate all aspects of the build within their parish and manage the build or each route.

There are many roles within the teams too.  Any of the following skills are welcome and others too:

  • Farmers or agricultural workers with access to a mole plough, tractor or other suitable machinery
  • Civil Engineers
  • Builders & contractors or construction workers
  • Architects, surveyors or similar
  • Network Engineers
  • Support Engineers
  • Those with experience as a Company Secretary or in company administration
  • Those with financial/accounting skills
  • Those with project management skills
  • Those with commercial management or partner & supplier management skills
  • Those with experience with liaising with Council Authorities on street works
  • Those with marketing and PR skills
  • Social media gurus to nurture the narrative
  • Videographers or film makers (amateur or otherwise)
  • and as the B4RN volunteers need looking after  baking exceedingly tasty cakes and making a mean cup of tea

We really do mean tea and cake is important !