How to get the service in your parish

If you are as excited as we are by this and want to join in let us know and we can help you get going. Ideally your parish will be next door to an existing area, though B4RN may be able to deliver a service in other areas.

The steps are:

  1. Speak to B4RN to establish if they can reach your area
  2. Establish interest in taking the service, check for volunteers to help deliver it and seek people prepared to invest.
  3. Once around 50% of your parish have expressed interest contact B4RN to ask for a design and costing.
  4. Raise funds to cover the cost
  5. Advise B4RN and get the OK to proceed
  6. Start digging  and complete the project
  7. Enjoy the service !

A local member of the B4RN team based in Norfolk is on hand to support communities through each stage of the build, from planning to delivery